Probate Services

Our team provides caring professional services for the Executor or Administrator of an Estate.

Our team is a team of local professionals designed to help the Executor, or Administrator of an estate with one of the most difficult, stressful, and time-consuming portions of their job, (sell an inherited home) and give them an all-inclusive place to make their task easier.

Being executor or administrator of an estate in New Jersey is a huge undertaking. The responsibility can be overwhelming so it’s important to know what you are getting into and take the time to make informed decisions. 

The goal of my service is to give the executor the information, tools, and contacts necessary to focus on the end game of getting the house sold and distributing the assets to the people who are entitled to them! Please use the information and resources here to make the best and most financially sound decisions for you and your family with regards to your inherited home

The functions our team can provide are as follows:

                                Handle any items that need removal

The family can take what they want and our Estate Liquidation Sale and Junk Removal partners will handle everything else. The heirs of the estate get the proceeds of the liquidation sale (should the home have anything saleable) as well as New Jersey tax write-offs for anything left that can be donated. What’s left is removed by our Junk removal team.

                                Coordinate Repairs, Improvements 

Our Contractors can do any type of work from minor repairs to full renovations. Investing in the right repairs will allow you to sell the inherited home for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.

                                Bring a Cash Offer in as little as 24 hours

 If the situation calls for a "quick sale", My Team works with cash buyers willing to purchase properties in "as is" condition with or without the remaining personal property. These buyers will handle home clean out, may pay for all of the closing costs, and will close on your timeline.

                                 List and Sell the Home

 Thomas Silvestri is a trained estate home sales expert who is compassionate, well informed, and always here to help! Using our proven marketing system including professional photography, and a sophisticated internet-driven advertising campaign, we can sell your inherited estate home quickly! When using the recommended price from your FREE Comparative Market Analysis, Thomas Silvestri’s team will typically sell the home in 60 days or less.

                                 Investing the Inheritance

 As a courtesy to all of our clients, the Certified Financial Planner on our team offers (1) FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation to anyone working with our team. That said, whether you are facing hardships and tax burdens from your loved ones passing or are in line for a financial win fall, we are here to help every step of the way!

Remember, we’re here to help you in any way we can during this difficult time. 

So, whether you are ready to sell right away, are in need of help from our Property improvement or Repair team, or just in need of some information, please feel free to

call me any time at (973) 960-9399.